Vandana Verma

Security Leader

Kids Village at c0c0n_2017

Workshop details :

OWASP Kids village is an Open space exclusively for Kids where there is so much playing around and exploring the insights of Digital World.



  1. OWASP Dissector

Dissector is an event where the kids will be given a platform to knowthe gadgets in a more technical way. They will be assigned a mentor who will completely open up the deviceand make them familiar with thecomponents and their every aspect.

  1. OWASP Programmini

Programmini is an event where kids will be taught to code small gamesusing python and scratch programming. Every kid will be assigned a mentor who will be helping them in gettinginto basics of programming, loops,Boolean based queries.

  1. OWASP DroneZone

Come and Experience the Drone Flying and learn how to fly Drones on your own.

Soldering is one of the essential skills in today’s world with applications ranging from electronics, jewellery, craft items to plumbing and metal work. Hackerwares is here to teach you how to solder with their OWASP logo inspired hardware. Come to learn how to solder resistor legs to our electronic insect and make it move with buzzing sound. It won’t bite but beware, it’ll get you hooked to it. In this fun workshop, participants will tinker with electronics and use their creativity.