Vandana Verma

Security Leader

A day in the life of a CISO

Every Leader has a journey. With the leaderspeak, I am trying to get to know their journy, what are the hurdles they have faced and how does their day looks like being a CISO. The things we can learn from them.

Some of the people I respect the most, have learned the most from, are those who have different opinions and perspectives than my own.

Episode 8 - Magda Chelly

Episode 7 - Rohit Srivastwa

Episode 6 - Aisling MacRunnels & Ronald Ulko

Episode 5 - Upendra Mardikar

Episode 4 - Abeer Khedr

Episode 3 - Preetam Sirur

Episode 2 - Lakshmi Hanspal

Episode 1 - Sarb Sembhi