Vandana Verma

Security Leader

Grace Hopper Celebration 2021 - India

Fri Feb 26, 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM GMT +5.5 (45 Min)

[Track : Security & Privacy]

Title : Redefining Trust in Security

If you ask a security expert on “how to protect their network” they would mostly say “firewalls''. It may not be enough for today’s environment. The landscape has significantly changed due to the perimeters having disappeared; people can login remotely, cloud has stepped in; everyone is a tenant on a shared server, digital transformation. The mantra of “Trust but verify” is shifted to “Never Trust, always verify”. We firmly believe that the best way to secure your organization is by using context-driven security programs i.e. “Zero Trust”. We will talk about how organizations can adapt to “Zero Trust” with few scenarios on implementation of adaptive controls using existing technologies (Identity & Access Management (IAM), segmentation, analytics, encryption) and governance processes. This paper will be useful for people who want to transform security, who want to think about ubiquitous security and who want to predict ahead than react later.