Vandana Verma

Security Leader

OWASP Spotlight - Project 18 - OWASP DSOMM

OWASP Spotlight - Project 18 - OWASP DSOMM

About the Project:-

The DevSecOps Maturity Model, shows security measures which are applied when using DevOps strategies and how these can be prioritized. With the help of DevOps strategies security can also be enhanced. For example, each component such as application libraries and operating system libraries in docker images can be tested for known vulnerabilities. Attackers are intelligent and creative, equipped with new technologies and purpose. Under the guidance of the forward-looking DevSecOps Maturity Model, appropriate principles and measures are at hand implemented which counteract the attacks.

Getting Involved

Involvement in the development and promotion of Cornucopia is actively encouraged! You do not have to be a security expert or a programmer to contribute.

Some of the ways you can help are as follows:


OWASP DSOMM Project Page: