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Security Leader

Episode 8 - Amar Singh

A day in the life of an Entrepreneur

Amar Singh


Amar Singh is a CEO, CISO, Cyber Crisis & Incident Response Practitioner, Speaker & Co-Founder Cyber Management Alliance.

Amar is an industry acknowledged expert and public speaker and is regularly invited to speak and share his insights by some of the largest and most respected organisations in the world including The BBC, The Economist’s Intelligence Unit, The Financial Times, SC Magazine, InfoSec Magazine, Computer Weekly, The Register and the Al-Jazeera English Channel.

Learning for the Mentees:-

  1. Passion:

You’ve got to have the passion to get up. Try your hands but find your passion, if you’re passionate. you’re grab the food if you’re hungry. If you’re not hungry and you’re full you know going to eat anything so you’re starting off your career you’re starting off a business, you have absolutely got to have the passion for what you want.

  1. Know your clients:

You’ve got to know your client, dare I say, the tech techniques techno speak. If you’re in need to have you need to be able to know what your client is looking for you know, instead of painting him or her an elephant. They may want a goat I don’t know. You’re telling the client hey why don’t you buy this beautiful white elephant and they’re saying, I want to go but you’re not listening you’re telling. My elephant is the best biggest fattest elephant.

  1. Be Real:

A lot of business disconnect comes in you’ve got to be real, not every business is going to succeed.