Vandana Verma

Security Leader

Inspiring Leaders at IBM India

Inspiring Leaders at IBM India Interview

“It is my second stint with IBM, and I would call it fate, as I was not looking for a change and suddenly got a call from IBM for a profile which I felt, was relevant for me. I gave the interview and once again became an IBMer in 2017. IBM has given me a playground to experiment with the technology, and being with India Software labs makes me enjoy the technology even more.

As part of my role in the Cybersecurity domain, I interact with partners on IBM IAM portfolio, and my work on product integrations & security keeps me engaged in the latest and greatest things in the cybersecurity. I get to expand my horizon not just within the technology space but have been able to contribute to the external communities like OWASP and Infosecgirls.

I believe staying optimistic and curious is the key to achieving success in a rapidly changing world. Anything is possible if you are determined to achieve it, things might take time, but they will indeed happen.” - Vandana Verma, Security Architect, IBM India Software Labs.


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