Vandana Verma

Security Leader

Security Approaches Post Lockdown

It will not be easy to go out even when the lockdown period is over. The way this pandemic is evolving, will take us far away from what we consider normal, and that is for a while. In such a scenario, how shall we be resuming the day to day operations post lockdown? The role of the security team is now more important than ever because of the pandemic and remote work models, the perimeter of the organization has been modified drastically. Cyber attacks are on the rise, the need to manage many more devices, applications, etc. InfoSec is more important than ever. Most of the companies were able to pull off the remote working with all the struggle with technologies involved. In such a case what a CISO can do by keeping in mind how strategically breaking down the whole organisation infrastructure to cater to remote working conditions, categorizing and prioritizing things. Also looking at where the attacks could come from (having a clear threat model) and measure everything

Problem over the dimensions and effect of the COVID-19 pandemic is developing on a large scale, many organizations are preparing for the effective response and to keep their enterprise up and running. The CISO and CIO have crucial roles in making sure the companies can function flawlessly as pandemic containment measures are pushed. Both roles have to work together to have smooth and secure operations. The more these two roles talk to one another, the better. They need to be on the same page and should have a singular, encompassing plan.

Such pandemics can not only disrupt the business but it may also affect the culture of working in the organisations. It’s a CISOs’ responsibility to make sure their company employees can work from home safely, securely and flawlessly. In order to achieve that, here we are sharing some inputs to measure the pandemic response, maturity model.

We can concentrate on these areas:

Effectiveness of remote working

Concentrating on Privacy of the users and the organisation data

IT and Security team must create robust guidelines on the following topics for remote workers:

Data centre disaster considerations

Cloud Security services

In the past few months, we have learnt, adapted and learnt the new way of working which opens the door for the new normal.