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OWASP Spotlight - Project 1 - OWASP Web Security Testing Guide

OWASP has so many amazing and great projects which can help organisations, developers, security testers and many more groups. However, working with OWASP projects very closely in the past few years, I have realised people do not know about a lot of projects or even have no clue if they exist.

So, here I am writing the part series on OWASP Projects with a video describing about the project. This is the first blog as part of the OWASP Project Series talking about OWASP Web Security Testing Guide (OWSTG).

The blog shares the skeleton which can be used for resolving the concerns teams in the industry face and kick-starting the AppSec Security Testing, helping application security teams to training the developers and functional testing teams.

The Web Security Testing Guide (WSTG) Project produces the premier cybersecurity testing resource for web application developers and security professionals.

Lot of people want to look for the shorter length video to get the quick glance through, here is the Short Video for them

Here are the slides of the presentation shown in the video

Applying OWASP web security testing guide (OWSTG) from Vandana Verma

About the Project :-

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